Event Date:

April 26, 2023

Event Time:

12:00 pm ACST

Event Location:

The Dargo Hotel

The 2023 HIGH COUNTRY ADV Classic #1 is on!!


  • Wedesday the 26th of April – Arrive & setup, meet your ride mates and the team then prep for an early start!
  • Thursday the 27th of April – Day 1 of Riding – 8am sharp at the Dargo General Store ready for Breakfast, refuelling and the riders briefing. You will travel up to 250klm and be back by about 4:30pm for dinner at about 6:30pm.
  • Friday the 28th of April – Repeat for Day 2 of Riding
  • Saturday 29th of April – Repeat for Day 3 of Riding
  • Sunday the 30th of April – Repeat for Day 4 of Riding
  • Monday the 1st of May – Pack up and depart.

Your absolute last chance to get 4 Full days of Epic, Guided, Victorian High Country Adventure Riding without having to carry a full load of luggage and camping gear, before the snow gates are closed and access is lost to the greatest areas.

This event is all about the riding and giving you the security of doing so, with a group of riders that have similar capabilities and a team of leads and support that can only be referred to as MASTERS!



This is remote Adventure group riding at its finest through some of the most amazing places and tracks the Victorian High Country has to offer! Guided and backed up by a team of ADV riding experts from the local area and The Extreme Motorsport Association – the team that brings you the Flinders Classic, Robe Rage, The High Country Classic and other great motorcycle events!!!

Fully catered for food and accommodation by the awesome Dargo Hotel & Dargo General Store and staying in the iconic Dargo Log Cabin dormitories. Eating at the Dargo Hotel every night, breakfast at the Dargo General Store every morning and a great snack pack for lunch on the trails.

This ride will suit Experienced ADV riders only & preferably on Single cylinder ADV bikes from 250cc to 690cc. Exceptions will be made for the masters of the Big Bore bikes because we know how good some of you are on them! You will have many years or riding experience and will have been riding a lot in the last 5 years especially. This is steep country….your bike and especially its brakes need to be in excellent condition!

Daily loop riding from Dargo in the heart of the Victorian High Country – Remote ADV Bike Riding Paradise!

Onsite Fuel – 91, 98 & Diesel

Onsite Store & Bottle shop

Recovery Vehicles.


All inclusive for 4 full days of riding, event costs & insurance, food (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner), T-shirt & Stickers, all lead rider, sweep and support vehicle costs, up to 20 Liters of Fuel per day for your bike after the first tank and your log cabin accommodation.

(We don’t provide alcohol but it can be purchased from Dargo)

The 2023 HIGH COUNTRY Adventure Classic Important Info

This information guide is everything you need to know about the upcoming 2023 High Country Adventure Classic Motorcycle Event being held in the heart of the Victorian Alps in Victoria from the 26th of April to the 1st of May.


Extreme Motorsports Association Ltd (Not for Profit)


PH: 0478 909 727




We motorcyclists are very good at raising awareness and supporting a cause. Last year at The Flinders Classic 16, riders, station owners, staff and our hosts all chipped in and raised $15,000, then in March 2023 raised another $1000 at the High Country Classic #1 for the Black Dog Institute for Suicide Prevention. Most of us have been affected either directly or indirectly when it comes to Suicide and having an event like this where we can have such a positive effect on each other can be life saving!!! We are continuing our support of the Black Dog Institute this year and plan on raising even more money and awareness with your help!

There will be a raffle and Charity Auction with great prizes available on the Final night.

There is scattered mobile coverage throughout the area and on the rides and we will have satellite phone backup.

Firstly, this event is all about supporting the local community of Dargo.
Fuel/alcohol/snacks/smokes/boxes of water and other general supplies are all available from the Dargo General Store or Hotel base if needed. We would love to see you buy your beer up here rather than bring it up from home.


Base Camp

The Dargo Hotel.

108 – 110 Lind Avenue

Dargo Victoria

PH: (03) 5140 1231


Your Accommodation

You will be staying at the iconic Dargo Hotel Log Cabins on the main street of Dargo. There are dormitory beds in multiple rooms and each cabin will house 8 riders. They are highly rated and fairly self contained. More info and photos can be found here:

Log Cabins


This is a Motorcycling Australia (MA) Sanctioned ride open only to Motorcycle LICENSED RIDERS with REGISTERED BIKES ONLY!

YOU MUST HAVE YOUR OWN PERSONAL AMBULANCE COVER – If you need a ride in a Royal Flying Doctors plane and don’t have Ambulance Cover it can cost you $40,000!



The Victorian Alps is one of the greatest places to ride. People forge a lifelong relationship with this place after being there just once. Around every corner there is another spectacular view, stunning landscape or river crossing…

There are hundreds of incredible tracks twisting their way through mountain ranges, gorges, riverbeds and high plains and this also comes with its dangers mainly Kangaroos, Emu’s, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Cattle, Washouts, Blind Corners, Steep ascents and descents and challenging river crossings.

Due to the remoteness of the areas and steepness of the terrain we ride on, it can be many hours before you are recovered which means you can die from an injury that is normally non-life threatening unless treated quickly and expertly. This is a real risk you need to consider before joining this ride event.

Infectious Disease Stuff you need to know:
We need to adhere to all government directives

91 & 98 Octane available along with Diesel for your vehicles if you are towing your bike up instead of riding.
If you are planning to arrive after 5pm on Wednesday, then make sure you have a full tank of fuel in your bike to avoid the line up on Thursday Morning.




Minimum Capacity 250cc

Minimum Fuel Range 250klm

Minimum Capable Cruising Speed of 100kph


  • You have many years of off road experience and know how to handle a bigger bike with the best of them. Dirt Roads, Station Tracks, 4×4 Tracks, Hill Climbs, Steep Descents, Creek Beds, River Crossings…Anything Goes!
  • You can basically repair your bike and probably someone else’s in just about any circumstances including changing plugs, tyres and general fault finding and have all the basic and well sorted out gear on you to do the job.
  • You are fit and healthy and capable of riding to the best of your capabilities for 4 full days and are not nursing any injuries or illness that will have an effect on you or the rest of the group.
  • You have the strength and ability to pick your bike up if you drop it in most cases
  • You will know the corner-man system like a master or be open to a refresher course
  • Steep ascents and descents sound exciting not daunting to you

If you tick all these boxes and feel you have the skills, the bike and the time to do this epic ride…Grab a ticket below!!!

What to bring:

  • Your bike, serviced with lots of brake pad life left in them and fitted with barkbusters or equivalent.
  • 70/30 Offroad/Road tyres minimum but Full knobbies are recommended
  • Your trail tools & spare tubes so you can change a tube and fix issues
  • Wet weather gear as conditions in the High Country can change quickly
  • Safety gear – MX boots, armored jacket or pressure suit (Jeans and steel caps are not safety gear)
  • Medication etc
  • Wallet & Cash
  • Hand held UHF if you have on
  • Spot tracker/In-reach or Epirb if you have one
  • Cable Ties
  • A small first aid kit with a pressure bandage
  • A tube of knead it or JB Weld
  • Spare set of gloves
  • A ziplock bag with clean rags for cleaning your visor
  • A camel back with the ability to carry 2.0 Liters or water MIN (3.0 Liters is better)
  • A Jerry can if you cant make 250klm of riding
  • Linen and towels are provided for the Cabins so no need to bring anything unless you want to



A full refund will be given up to the final day if you are unable to attend due to injury or medical emergency/condition

Partial refund or credit to the next event will be given if you change your mind or cant get off work etc


Feel free to contact me with any questions via phone or email.

I will be unavailable from the 16th to the 23rd of March 2023 with no mobile or internet coverage at all.




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HC - ADV Classic #1


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Event Location:

Total Seats: 16
  • The Dargo Hotel
  • 108 - 110 Lind Avenue
  • Dargo
  • Victoria
  • Australia

Event Schedule Details

  • April 26, 2023 12:00 pm ACST   -   May 1, 2023 12:00 pm ACST
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